Historic Restoration

As a historical preservationist and design expert, James S. Collins creates stunning designs from historical buildings and residences. He has years of experience restoring historical buildings from many different eras and making them beautiful once again. He is able to bring historical residences and other institutions back to life through his intricate designs. Historical preservation is one of his specialties and he strives to keep the character and charm of the home and unique elements of the decade incorporated into his design.

James S. Collins has studied and documented the building types, construction techniques, materials and details of the dwellings, public buildings and landscapes of the United States and Europe. From this background comes an understanding of the art of traditional construction and a desire to integrate the scale, proportions and vocabulary of classical and vernacular architecture into buildings, interiors and landscapes that reflect the client's lifestyle and needs. Through his experiences with historical architecture, he is able to revive any historical building and create a home, institution, apartments and much more while also preserving the property’s historical significance. 
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